Next Show: August 3-4, Rehoboth Art League- Outdoor Art Show
Henlopen Acres, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Land of Artichoke Trees, When Stars Were Flowers… 21×34

As I compose mosaics, I bring a multitude of parts together into a cohesive whole.

I’m inspired by the world- my sense of sight has always been a keen source of delight.
I love color. I love the feeling of moving through the world, happening upon unexpected wonders. These mosaics are embodiments of my inner actions- stretching through time, memory, dreams & reflection- reaching to bring my life experience into harmony. My mosaics can be seen as artifacts from my journey, which continues as I explore & engage with elemental materials & their transformation in the fire.

As a self-taught artist, my technique evolves over time. Over decades I’ve created a world of porcelain imagery and developed a rich spectrum of glazes. I carve, incise, & impress porcelain clay to create mosaic elements with intricate bas-relief detail. After drying and bisque firing a group of pieces, I glaze them with a brush, sometimes applying several glazes to a single piece. After glazing, I fire the pieces to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit to develop color and strength. Each piece is a miniature work of art, and becomes a meaningful element as I orchestrate a mosaic.

We use traditional tile-setting techniques to make our mosaics permanent. Though I create almost every visible aspect of these mosaics, they are supported by less visible but important underlying structures. Jim Clark specializes in these. He brings tremendous ingenuity, passion for problem solving & energy to make these mosaics possible. Jim is also the person who first inspired me to work with clay, when we were in our teens.

Our mosaics are durable works of art that can hang on a wall or become the focus of a permanent tile installation inside or outdoors.

We invite you to explore our mosaics, arranged by theme, in the Galleries.