Worlds of Wonder are original handmade mosaics inspired by wonders in the natural world, vivid dreams, and thoughts of distant times & places. Our mosaics are composed of many porcelain & stoneware elements, which we make by hand. We draw, carve and impress wet clay to create bas-relief tile and mosaic elements. After drying & bisque firing, each individual element is glazed with high-fired glazes we’ve developed. Some elements are polychrome, with several different glazes brushed onto their complex surfaces. They are fired to 2300 degrees to develop color & strength. Once we’ve created a varied collection of elements, we begin composing mosaics on thin cement board, and mortar them in place. Once the mortar has cured, they are grouted and then cleaned to reveal color and bas-relief detail. Our mosaics are durable works of art that can hang on a wall or become the focus of a permanent installation inside or outdoors.

Lisa & Jim have been making original mosaics using their own porcelain & stoneware elements, semi-precious stone, common stone and cultured pearl since 2006. Art Tile Mosaics embody design ideas which can be adapted and scaled to create feature walls as the artistic focus of a permanent installation.

Handmade Art Tile: Bella Vista Tile  www.bellavistatile.com
Lisa TeviaClark & Jim Clark founded Bella Vista Tile in 2004, an imaginative collection of decorative & durable tile suitable for interior and exterior installation. Bella Vista Tile is made using the finest high-fired porcelain, and has a romantic, lyrical feeling enhanced by glazes reminiscent of jewels, aged metal and ivory. Please visit the website to see installation photos & current catalogue. See a short Video of Lisa & Jim at work in their studio!